Dec 14, 2006

New York Bye-Ass

Leading off:

Alex Rodriguez is no longer even in the debate for best player in baseball. Ortiz, Santana Hafner, Pujols, and Howard are all head and shoulders above him. That post-MVP bitterness by Pujols, is his crankiness that he's not number one anymore. But I'm pretty sure that world championship trophy fits nicely up his ____le*.

Dice K may or may not have his Gyroball, but Bugs can strike out the side on one pitch.

Yanks are only a Clay Bellinger to Clay Bellinger, bugs-bunny to bugs-bunny, style battery away from being '07 champs.

Enrico Palazzo Watch

The first ever Enrico Palazzo Watch for National Anthem Oddities this Episode Features:

5) A Rat from years past in Des Moines

4) David Stern and an Unshiftable Policy (Literally)

3) Ian Laperriere, who is "Superstitious"
-see a bit further down the page

2) Charlie Daniels doin' the Outback Bowl

1) Billy Ray Cyrus Headlining Mullet Night, Georges Laraque Getting Points- With Wayne Gretzky

Election Coverage

Giuliani can get elected president on the it's all A-Rod's fault ticket.

McCain will be taking the more conventional, Peyton Manning is a loser route into the election.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has decided to use the Carl Pavano as a counter campaign against Giuliani in New York

*The previous word is in fact asshole, and not mantle.

The Yankees - Red Sox current Mike Gonzalez & previously Dice K duel~

The obligatory necessary Red Sox/Yankees hype backlash: to Hyping the Yankees Red-Sox scandal even more is/ Let the games speak for themselves. Fans are smart enough to know when games are big games. It creates an over saturation of meaningless story lines. Listening to McCarver and buck is somewhere on par with taking a circular saw, sticking it up your ass, and then turning it on, while having your eyelids put on your forehead via sautering iron

Also, are the Yankees or Sox actually going to give up anyone. Those sub 3 era's are pretty sexy, you don't say? If it were possible, I'd sleep with the female embodiment of the concept of a sub 2 era before even considering the best actress oscar winner, or pink power ranger esque childhood crush. Or like, Carrie Fisher, or Julia Louise Dreyfus. Yeah, they're in the same league as Guidry's hot season or Fernando Mania. Ya know, cause it's not just a pretty season/face, it's memories and character too.

Check out today. Brilliant.

Everyone is always comparing things to the Yankees when they were in their dynasty. Was it accurate say Stanton and Nelson were that good in front of Rivera? I remember them blowing just about as many games as a typical Yankees bullpen. Take a look at the numbers:

Here are the respective ERA and ERA+'S

'96 116
'97 155
'98 118
'99 105
'00 207

I'll use this line break to show how ridiculous that 207, and how mediocre 96 98 and 99 all were for your primary set up guy, and how 97 was just around expectations. It's okay though. I'll just make the butt of this line break Isiah Thomas, cause that one never gets old.


'97 2.56 172
'98 5.47 82
'99 4.33 103
'00 4.10 124
'01 2.56 174
'02 3.00 146

This line break will be used to call Allen Iverson a pussy.

Those two are pretty good. Interestingly, they were at their worst for the Legendary '98 Yankees. The Key to the '98 Yankees, was Ramiro Mendoza, with his 138 ERA+, spread over 130 2/3 Innings, the whole season, over 41 appearances. It was about sixty innings more than Aaron Small's magical year, with an ERA+ two points higher. Talk about an all purpose quality innings eater. A guy like Mendoza was unquestionably the greatest thing ever.

Here are Tom Gordon's
'04 2.21 204
'05 2.57 173

This also puts in perspective what an awful move signing the Farnz was. Last year dude had an ERA+ of 100. Karsay was an okay signing, with his ERA+ of 134, but suffered an unxpected career ending injury.

So the verdict on Gonzalez. Hasn't pitched a meaningful game in his life, and I'm actually hoping Scott Proctor's abiltiy to pitch over 100 innings is not a farce. If guys could go as far as they could go back when people's first names were like Meriwether, Ty, Red, and so forth, why is 60 innings the norm for a reliever now. Clearly pitchers are pussies nowadays. The more innings you get from good pitchers the better.

Short Takes

Isn't that as much as we all despise Terrell Owens, we still give him all that attention that he wants. He's not an idiot, he has a good sense of himself. For example his apology via celebration to Parcells. Oh wait! There I go talking about him, and there you go thinking about him.

Terrel Owens, 1 Us, 0

I'm setting the over under at when Matsuzaka fully goes with that Asian-boy Orange hair at approximately six weeks.

What if Reggie Jackson was actually an intelligble robot from Blade Runner, and only he and Leslie Nielsen were in on the joke of him outing himself.

Interesting Find of the Day on the Net:

So I followed a pay-per click Google ad to this stupid site, and then saw that their hot item was this:

People are in business doing this. I'm pretty sure thats awesome. No matter what. Someone should buy that. I hope they stay in business. Their auctions are atrocious kitsch. Like shitty virgin mary grilled cheeses knockoff-eque products. A manatee chicken finger, exactly what we need more of jackass. But damn. Adam Hurshowitz's real air!!~

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